Only In Kentucky

Just read this on ESPN and I laughed so I had to post if for other to see.

Cats Lose, State Emergency Ensues (Almost Literally)
Only in Kentucky does this happen:

The struggling Wildcats (38) are beaten on a 3-pointer with 10 seconds left by LSU’s Tasmin Mitchell on Saturday afternoon in Rupp Arena. Shortly thereafter, Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson (39) issues a Twitter blast on the subject:

“Maybe AJ Stewart should consider quitting again if he is going to leave his man wide open for a game winning shot.”

Stewart, a junior forward, was indeed the man guarding Mitchell on the fateful play. And Stewart did indeed briefly quit the Kentucky team last week, only to reconsider and return in short order.

In reality, though, Stewart was doing his job on the play, switching on a screen at the top of the key. It was teammate Kevin Galloway who bungled the defensive assignment by failing to switch off his man (Marcus Thornton) and onto Mitchell.

So Grayson should have hammered Galloway if the state cabinet member felt the need to rip a college kid for contributing to the demise of his favorite team. Grayson updated the following day:

“Perhaps I was too hard on Stewart because maybe Galloway was supposed to switch but I just got some Heaton’s BBQ and will soon feel better.”

After the original Twitter post was picked up by Lexington Herald-Leader columnist John Clay, Grayson was hardly contrite.

“Welcome to readers of John Clay’s blog. Like you, I am a passionate UK fan. And I make no apologies for it. Go Cats!”

So it’s clear that Kentucky players are not under any, you know, pressure or anything. It’s not like a man considered a possible successor to U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning is expressing digital disdain over every missed defensive switch — just the end of game missed switches.

Clearly, the Cats could use some TLC from Ashley Judd (40).



Well, it was good while it lasted. The NBC series based on the old novel just finished its run tonight. Low ratings killed the show. Me and the wife loved the it, watched every week. But it wasn’t a reality show and cost too much money to make so buh-bye.

Back to one hour less of quality show on TV.

My tax dollars, killing babies

It’s so good to know that after Obama signs one of his many Executive Orders today my hard earned tax money will be going to other countries to support groups that preach abortion.

Honestly, I don’t have much more to say about this.  Blah, blah, blah – these “health organizations” around the world save lives and promote womens health – blah, blah, blah.  You can do that without advocating murder.

My tax dollars need to stay in America where they are really needed.  I’m so glad Obama is going to dump more useless money on our economy, money we don’t have to throw around, and then send tax money that could be used to repay that new debt overseas instead.

Barak has 4 years to save the world!!!

Paul over at Conservative Principles found this little gem and I just had to share.

From Conservative Principles:

Only Four Years Left to Save Environmentalism

Catch this load of BS from James Hansen via

Barack Obama has only four years to save the world. That is the stark assessment of Nasa scientist and leading climate expert Jim Hansen who last week warned only urgent action by the new president could halt the devastating climate change that now threatens Earth. Crucially, that action will have to be taken within Obama’s first administration, he added.
The guys name is Jim Hansen?  I would have though it was Jim Henson and that this was actually a quote from Kermit the Frog on the Muppet News Flash.

Muppet News Flash

Just got this from a friend and had to share.

Here is a muppet news flash……..

President Obama, some labeled the Messiah, has been in office just over 24 hours and the recession continues. But that didn’t stop the President from having the most expensive inauguration in history at just over 160 million dollars. When questioned about how much it is costing the government, President Obama just smiled and said, “The government will get that money back from the taxpayers.” Then President Obama walked across the water of the Washington Memorial pool. In this reporters eyes HE is truly the Savior…..back to you in the muppet studios……

How cold is it?

This is how cold it is.

You know how the inside of your nose is basically one big mucus membrane so it’s pretty much always moist? Well this morning, as soon as the first breath of cold air hit that moisture in my nose, it all froze rock solid. It felt like I had one giant booger up there.

But on a positive note, my baby girl slept all night again last night. She didn’t make it two nights in a row, but two out of three ain’t too shabby!!

Gotta love the library

I just have to say real quick that my local library is going to save my life for this class I am taking.

I am writing my first paper on Electronic Health Documents, a huge Information Systems change that is ongoing in the health industry, and one that Obama is pushing hard to get nationalized, one of the few ideas he has supported that I agree with him on.  (I threw in that little dig because my lovely wife suggested the topic based on the fact that EHD’s are currently in the news because he — Ooops, better capitalized that…..  there we go, don’t want to offend the messiah’s followers —  because He is pushing them, but I digress…)

Unfortunately, information on the health industry tends to be hard to come by, especially info that has been published in the last six months, which is a requirement for all of our sources.

The library though, is subscribed to a large, let me repeat, Large number of journals. In the last hour of searching I have already found several articles from different journals that are going to be lovely sources for this first paper. Most of the journals I have found charge fees for individual articles online that are high enough that I can’t imagine the cost of a subscription, but I don’t have to.

Support your local library!! You never know when they are going to be supporting you!

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