Democrats and Their Retarded Nomination System

Delegates, Super Delegates, Michigan, Flori-duh, Howard Dean, Billary, OBAMA-RAMA!!! What else do I have to say? We didn’t start the fire – d’oh, sorry, got carried away.

How ridiculous is the left half of our political system? They are so divisive that they even fight amongst themselves to the cost of the voices of millions of voters. I’m not saying that I think the illegal Michigan and Flori-duh primaries should count. They broke the rules and they knew it. But, who was it that broke those rules? The individual citizens of the states? No, it was the idiot politicians who decided to bump up the primaries knowing that they weren’t supposed to.

I could go on about that for a bit, but that would be beating a dead horse as it has been through the news ringer plenty already.

Now we have a new example of idiocy to discuss.

Superdelegates. These people make up almost 20% of the total votes that will be cast at the Democratic Convention, and they have to answer to NO ONE. The have the free choice to choose which ever candidate they want with no oversight whatsoever. And now, to make things worse, you have big-wig billionaires who normally donate tons of money to the democrats threatening to stop their funding if Nanci Pelosi tells the superdelegates to follow the lead of the regular delegates, who have to vote the will of the people.

“The battle over the Democratic presidential nomination turned nasty on Thursday, one day after Hillary Clinton donors subtly threatened to stop the spigots for House Democrats if Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists superdelegates vote the same way as pledged delegates.” From FoxNews.

This, to me, is a blatant example of the corruption we suffer amongst our elected* leaders. These billionaires are deciding that it is their choice to hold the government ransom because it looks like they are not going to get their way. Being Billary supporters combined with it looking like Obama is going to continue on the path to winning the nomination, they are doing anything they can to change that outcome. And swaying these free-ranging superdelegates to their side is what they are planning.

I would not doubt for a second that these donors are currently making all kinds of offers to the superdelegates to help support and fund their pet projects in attempts to buy their votes for Hillary. You say, “But Bald Monkey, that would be illegal. No one would do such a thing.” I say, “Bunk.” It happens all the time. We as “The People” just don’t care enough to do anything about it. Not that there really is much if anything we can do about it.

Personally, I am going to do the only thing I can do about it. I’m going to NOT vote for a Democrat. Not because I am a Republican (because, despite my opinions, I am not a card carrying Repub.), not because I am a conservative (and being a conservative means I am not a big McCain fan), but because this kind of corruption cannot be allowed to place its big fat-cat butt behind the desk in the White House.

These superdelegates need to remember that the will of the people is how this country is supposed to work and not show themselves to be just like the people across the isle that they claim to detest.

*I emphasize elected because these people were put in office by the choice of you and me. Not by these deep pocketed donors who seem to think they control the world. Our elected officials need to remember that we put them there, and that all it takes is for us to change our finicky minds to put someone else in that seat.


1 Response to “Democrats and Their Retarded Nomination System”

  1. 1 victor March 28, 2008 at 11:30 am

    you’ve got to read glenn becks’ article on MI and FL.

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