The Bald Monkey’s Kitchen Project

Well, I don’t have any before pics but I have some after ones to show off. 

Pictures of what?  Oh, yeah, I guess the story behind the pictures would be helpful.

Well, for a while my kitchen faucet has been leaking.  I noticed it a while back, but it was just a slow seeping around the base when the water was turned on and it didn’t really bother me.  But then I noticed it had started to get under the base and leak into the cabinet underneath.  Well, I can’t have that.

So I decided to fix it.  First I got online and checked out a few tutorials on fixing a leaky faucet.  Looked simple.

So I went to The Home Depot to see if they had parts to repair it, if it required more than just a cleaning.  Of course, even though they sell my faucet there, they don’t carry parts to repair it.  I was told I would have to go to a plumbing supply store to get the parts. 

Great.  I didn’t want to go to a specialty store until I really knew what I needed.  So I went home and tried to take the faucet apart.

Note “tried.”

I could only find one screw on the thing.  It was on the underside of the handle, so I natuarlly thought that all I would have to do was unscrew it and the handle would come off, then I would be able to get into the stem and find out what was wrong.

I unscrew the screw, and “bink,” it falls out inside the handle where I can’t get to it.

I can’t get to it because the handle won’t come off.  Apparently, that screw has nothing to do with holding on the handle.  It doesn’t lift off, it doesn’t screw off, nothing.  Joy. 

So now I have to resort to actually removing the entire setup.  I climb under the sink and start unscrewing pipes.  (Yes, I did shut off the water, thank you very much.)

Of course, turning off the water only helped a little.  I still had to pour out the water that was in the pipes.  Luckily I expected something like that and had a pitcher to catch the water in.  I only got a little wet.

Then I finished getting the faucet unscrewed and removed it.

“Drip….. drip….” 

Oh great.  The cold water line is still dripping under there.  Even after I took my wrench and tightened down the valve as tight as I could.  So I bent it over the pitcher and left it there.  (This ended up leaking out about half a gallon of water by the time I got done with this project.)

Now that I had the faucet off I had to try to figure out how to get it apart.  There were four screws on the brass parts under the base, so I unscrewed them.  Nothing.  Wouldn’t budge.  Bang on it with the wrench.  Still nothing. 

I quickly reached the conclusion that I wasn’t going to be fixing this thing. 


Ironic.  Of the nine faucet brands they carry, they have the most different styles of the brand that I have – the brand that they don’t carry replacement parts for.  Go figure.

I pick out one that I like – not the same brand – and I check to see if my store carries it.  Wanna guess?

You got it.  They don’t carry it.  In fact, they don’t carry any of this brand in my store.  Again, go figure.  So I decide I am just going to swing by the store tomorrow and see what they have.

18 hours later, I stop by Lowes because it’s on the way home.  Not only do they have what I want, it’s way cheaper than the prices I was seeing online. 

1 kitchen faucet:  $80.00

1 pair of channel lock pliers:  $10.00

20 minutes of time to install the faucet:  ……20 minutes

Do-it-yourself home repairs that save you a ton of money on plumbers:  priceless

So here you go, the aforementioned pictures.  This is my lovely new kitchen faucet.

Ain’t it beautiful. 

sink-2.jpg  sink-1.jpg

Ok, no, the pics aren’t great, but the wifey took our camera to Michigan so I had to use my cell phone. 


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