The Coddling of America’s Cry-Babies Continues

Don’t want to follow the rules? No problem.

Got punished for not following the rules? No problem.

Just find the right ear to cry into and all your trouble will be gone.

From home loans to election politics it seems that the squeaky wheel will forever get the grease.

Yesterday’s revelation from Howard Dean that he is determined now to seat the delegates from Michigan and Flori-duh illustrates the continued degradation of the concept of personal responsibility in this once-great country.

A preachers wife kills her husband because he wants an um… “expanded” sex life with her. She gets seven months in jail? There are people serving longer sentences than that for stealing cars. And she MURDERED her husband!!

But cry and whine, “he made me wear a wig when we had sex, boo-hoo.”

Aww, we feel bad for you, here have a slap on the wrist. But don’t you enjoy it!

When is this going to stop? When are the normal, responsible, adults in this country going to grow up and say, “Enough!”

Maybe I am just irritated by this because I’m not getting anything out of this whole thing. After all, I feel like you should lay in the bed you made. Do I have debt? Yes. Did I buy my house with an ARM that could have killed me financially? Yes. But you know what I did? I got out of it. When I saw the potential for my rate to go up to an unaffordable height, I refinanced. It’s not hard people. There are even ways to get mortgage lenders to fight to get your business by offering lower rates.

I tell ya, I am just tired of sitting by and watching as the idiots in this country tear us down. We are fast becoming the laughing stock of the worlds major countries.

Our own presidential nominees are shooting our major corporations in the foot and handing off our key military contracts to foreign countries who hate us. Yeah, I’m lookin’ at you McCain and France.

But I digress, I was talking about the whiny irresponsible people that seem to make up more and more of our population. Well, I would just say GET OVER IT! But, it seems that that just isn’t going to happen.

Well, shoot. I will say it anyway.

Grow up America. Get over yourself.

[End rant.]


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