Beyond Measure

It’s strange to me how revelations about myself always dawn on me when I am listening to music. Last night it was a song by Jeremy Camp called Beyond Measure.

If you haven’t heard of Jeremy Camp you should check him out. He’s a Christian Rock guy that has been through some tragedy in his life that I personally can’t relate to. When he was 23 years old his 21 year old wife died of ovarian cancer. Most of his early releases have to do with his struggles to accept that God had called his wife home, his realization that God had a plan, and his rebuilding of his Faith into a stronger walk with God than he had before.

At this point in time he is remarried and has two daughters with is new wife and his music tends to revolve around how blessed he is and how God has strengthened him through his trials.

Here is the song Beyond Measure, and the lyrics that got me thinking last night.

The fog has finally cleared to see,
The beautiful life you’ve given me
To feel the breeze of my newborn’s gentle breath
With one to walk hand in hand,
To share this life that you have planned
It’s like a storybook with dreams
That are meant to see every next step is an extraordinary scene

I know that I’ve been,
Given more than beyond measure,
I come alive when,
I see beyond my fears
I know that I’ve been given more than earthly treasure,
I come alive when
I’ve broken down and given you control

I’ve faced a great tragedy,
But have seen the works of what you bring
A display of faith that you give,
I don’t know if I will ever understand
The depth of what it is you’ve done inside,
But I know that I will won’t find any worth apart from you

Everything that I have
Has been given so unselfishly
And shown that even when I don’t deserve
You always show the fullness of your love

The second verse starts with the reference to the loss of his wife and that is the only thing in this song that I don’t have some direct way to relate with.

But as I listened to the rest of the song I sat there and thought about my life right now.

I sit in my great house, in front of my $600 computer, playing my $50 game on my $49 per month high speed internet connection. I have photos around me of my beautiful wife who loves me more than anyone and my two amazing children who quite possibly love me even more than that. And if that isn’t enough to call myself blessed, I have the love of my God and Savior. Even though I don’t deserve it.

Beyond Measure. Something that is so big you can’t figure out exactly how big it is. And like the lyrics in the song say, I have been “given more than beyond measure.” My God has blessed me with all these physical things in this short physical life I have here and with the love of my family, but the thing that I am not conscious enough of is that he has given me the one gift that nothing in this physical world could ever top.

He’s given me His love and forgiveness through His Son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus.

Too often I let that fact slip my mind. But I am so glad that He has put people like Jeremy Camp out there to remind me.


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