What Can I Say?

Well? What can I say? I talked them up and they absolutely let me down. How disgusting was that? Kansas sent our best two players to the foul line for at least 6 shots, and they missed five of them. Awful. Absolutely awful.

Well, maybe next year guys. Though losing Joey Dorsey, and most likely Derrick Rose means we will be mediocre again next year, so…. maybe the year after.

But in my disgust I decided to take my mind off the loss, and avoid thinking about the ribbing I will be receiving tomorrow at work.

Let me introduce you to…

The One and Only Wildman, Kung Fu Master!!

Wildman, Kung Fu Master

(Note the key photo elements: Monkey in the corner, surprise attack from Kung Fu opponent, Radio on the ledge to start blasting “Everybody was Kung Fu fighting, dododododo, do, do, do, do, those kids were fast as lightning!” Robotic arms…”He’s so good with his hands.”)


1 Response to “What Can I Say?”

  1. 1 Raspberry April 9, 2008 at 10:44 am

    The Tigers played a great game – very fun to watch. I will admit I was a little disappointed they didn’t win. I didn’t really have any loyalty to either team, but I felt some affinity to the Tigers because I knew they were your team and because my husband was rooting for them. Maybe next time…

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