So Much For Seattle, and The Babies Are Back

Well, so much for that whole going to Seattle thing. The group out there has had to slide the testing back to the point that the regular test guy is going to be able to support it, and even if he still couldn’t, I wouldn’t be able to go anyway. So, the last week and a half just turned into a nice break from the babies.

It was nice while it lasted but I was ready for them to be home. And I was glad they were home, until 10:30 last night as I stood in the living room being screamed at by a 9 month old that didn’t want to go to sleep. Their sleep habits got totally screwed while they were gone.

Before they left, my son would go to bed at about 7:45 and usually be done playing in his room and asleep by 9:00. My baby girl would go down anywhere between 7:00 and 8:30 most nights.

Those nights seem long gone. While they were up north everything got thrown out of whack. Now as I sit here typing this at almost 11:00, my lovely wife is still trying to get the baby girl to sleep. My son just finally passed out about half an hour ago. At least I have the St. Louis Cardinals to keep me company tonight. Down side there is that they are getting their butts kicked by the S.F. Giants right now. Sad stuff.

Well, at some point tonight I hope to get to go to bed. Good thing tomorrow is Friday.


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