Crazy Russians

I have been intending to post about this for quite a while now.

The first event that was in the news was a Russian bomber buzzing a US aircraft carrier, the USS Nimitz back in February. The guy flew over the Nimitz twice and never made radio contact of any kind. He’s dern lucky that our military rules of engagement in peace time prevent us from firing before being fired upon. You get a bomber anywhere near a carrier group and you better believe there are several hundred sailors with their fingers on the triggers and the safeties off.

Then back in March, the Russians send four of their bombers into US airspace over Alaska. This was seen as enough of a threat to scramble F-15s and escort them out of our airspace. The Russians claim it was just normal training.

Since when is violating another countries sovereign territory and risking serious political repercussions a standard training mission?

And now, the latest big noise that Russia has made on the world stage is to shoot down another countries military aircraft, the UAV in my previous blog post.
Of course, again, Russia tries to weasel out of what they have done. According to in a statement from the Kremlin,

Putin expressed his “bewilderment” at the fact Georgian unmanned spy plane was flying over Abkhazia.
“This violates the letter and spirit” of the 1994 cease-fire that ended open fighting between Georgian and Abkhazia forces, “is a destabilizing factor and escalates the tensions in Abkhazia,” the Kremlin said.

I don’t know what is really going through the minds of those crazy Russian political and military leaders over there. I truly don’t have a clue.

But it seems to me that it is a case of someone, yeah I’m lookin at you Putin, trying to push their boundaries to see just how far they can get before a response comes from the rest of the free world.

Unfortunately for us, the rest of the free world is too busy trying to force us out of the Middle East to care much about Russia and its new bullying tendancies.

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