Friendly Work Chat

I had this conversation over Instant Messenger today with a pal at work. Started out with him sending me the link that you can read and form your own opinions of. Despite that start, I enjoyed our chat quite a bit. (I edited it just a bit for spelling and to take out our names. SPF is my sunscreen buddy, and TBM is me.)

SPF [10:24 AM]:,2933,352277,00.html
TBM [10:25 AM]: where is the uprising against this among Christians?
TBM [10:25 AM]: if you said Mohammad was the son of a rapist people would die

SPF [10:25 AM]: yep.
TBM [10:26 AM]: freaking ridiculous
SPF [10:26 AM]: the quest to prove or disprove God is futile.
TBM [10:27 AM]: no joke
SPF [10:27 AM]: I give you three postulates. Looking at them, it’s obvious that any two can be true, but not all three.
God is all benevolent
God is all powerful
Evil exists

TBM [10:28 AM]: why can’t all three be true?
SPF [10:28 AM]: think about it.
TBM [10:28 AM]: God is benevolent and powerful and evil does exist
SPF [10:28 AM]: but not ALL powerful.
SPF [10:28 AM]: and ALL benevolent.

TBM [10:28 AM]: sure he is
SPF [10:29 AM]: go through all three cases.
TBM [10:30 AM]: benevolent means doing good.
TBM [10:30 AM]: all powerful is just all powerful
TBM [10:30 AM]: evil is evil

SPF [10:30 AM]: it means that he has control over all things.
SPF [10:30 AM]: and benevolent as in, good will towards all.

TBM [10:31 AM]: he does have control over all things
TBM [10:31 AM]: well, he has the ability to control all things and makes the choice to give things free will

SPF [10:31 AM]: exactly.
TBM [10:31 AM]: and he does have good will toward all
SPF [10:32 AM]: and because of free will, evil exists.
TBM [10:32 AM]: correct, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t all powerful
SPF [10:32 AM]: I guess it does.
TBM [10:32 AM]: He could step in and do anything at any time. He just chooses not to
SPF [10:32 AM]: is that so bad?
SPF [10:32 AM]: then is he all benevolent?

TBM [10:32 AM]: yes,
TBM [10:33 AM]: he wants everyone to come to him. And he gives us the choice to choose to come or not

SPF [10:33 AM]: then why choose not to intervene?
TBM [10:33 AM]: because Love that is forced is not love
SPF [10:33 AM]: before someone gets murdered, why does god not intervene?
TBM [10:34 AM]: because that is his choice to let us live our lives without his direct intervention anymore
SPF [10:34 AM]: then he’s not all powerful anymore?
TBM [10:34 AM]: he intervened in the Old Testament and things weren’t really much different than they are now
TBM [10:34 AM]: not what I am saying. He is still all powerful; he just chooses to stay hands off for now.
TBM [10:34 AM]: like an ant farm
TBM [10:35 AM]: you have the power to do whatever you want to those ants, but you choose to let them do their thing
TBM [10:35 AM]: doesn’t mean you don’t have the power to flood their tunnels with water, just that you choose not to

SPF [10:36 AM]: but you allow your ants to kill each other.
TBM [10:36 AM]: sure, that’s free will
SPF [10:38 AM]: you’re clearly able to hold this argument and substantiate it.
SPF [10:38 AM]: not everyone is.

TBM [10:39 AM]: I’m just stubborn
TBM [10:39 AM]: I am absolutely unwilling to let anyone convince me of anything about my God that I don’t believe. Especially something negative
TBM [10:40 AM]: so do I win? All three are possible?

SPF [10:41 AM]: I think so.
TBM [10:41 AM]: good.


2 Responses to “Friendly Work Chat”

  1. 1 Julie April 24, 2008 at 2:12 pm

    Interesting talk. But I do think God interceeds on our behalf… when we ask him too. I’ve had too many times a struggle came up, and I had no idea how to solve it. And, beyond all comprehension, after I prayed the solution came. Sometimes I had new insights in how to fix it. Sometimes the solution had nothing to do with me, it just came to me. So I think God assists us in the ant farm, but he won’t until we give him permission by asking.

  2. 2 thebaldmonkey April 24, 2008 at 2:39 pm

    I will buy that. My comments in the chat were more in reference to an Old Testament God that came down and walked with us and sent pillars of fire and split oceans wide for dry land to walk on.

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