NFL Draft

Today was the first day of the NFL Draft. My two teams seem off to a pretty good start.

The Titans started off with their first pick being some help at running back with East Carolina’s Chris Johnson. Never heard of him, but the Titans think highly enough of him to make him their first pick. Hopefully their faith will be rewarded and he will give Lendale White a reason to step up and perform up to the level all of us know he can.

The Titans second pick was Jason Jones, a defensive end from Eastern Michigan. With Jevon Kearse coming back to the Titans I don’t see this kid starting unless he shows something real special in camp. But I would not be surprised at all if he gets decent play time subbing in and out with Kearse and Kyle Vanden Bosch throughout the season.

The Packers managed to get in three picks on day one by trading their first round pick to the Jets for two picks in the second round. Their First pick in the second round was a wide receiver from Kansas State named Jordy Nelson. Another guy I have never heard of, but I am keeping my hopes up that he is gonna be a good new target for Aaron Rodgers.

Brian Brohm, Louisville’s record setting quarterback was the next player tagged by the Packers. I am not going to start ringing the doomsday bells for Rodgers Green Bay career, but I would definitely be seeing that as a new danger in the next couple years if I were him. Brohm was very impressive for the majority of his career at Louisville, and coming from a Memphis fan that’s high praise. Should be a good backup for the Pack for the next few years if he doesn’t fight his way into that starting spot.

Player number three to be picked by the Packers for day one was Patrick Lee a cornerback from Auburn. This makes player number four for the day that my two teams drafted that I don’t know. But I do know I have been suffering with our defensive backfield for the last several years so this guy probably can’t hurt at all.

Well, that’s my short review of the first day of the draft. Hopefully my guys have another good day tomorrow, and then hopefully at least a few of these guys we pick really come through for us and help out.

I can’t wait for August!


1 Response to “NFL Draft”

  1. 1 1wmcaw April 28, 2008 at 3:47 pm

    I’m glad the Pack picked up Brohm. I really hope he does well this summer and starts instead of what’s his nuts they have right now…Rogers. He sucks. If Brohm can do what he did so well in college in the NFL, the Packers might not actually me terrible for the next decade.

    Maybe. :o)

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