Softball Update #2

It is simply amazing to me how difficult it is to get 10 guys together for a game of softball. We have a church of 300 members and this Saturday morning we had 6 show up to play. Excuses ranged from having to stay home with their little kids, to having plans for the afternoon already, to not having enough notice (despite having been given a schedule a month ago) to it just being too early in the morning.

With just 6 players we could have probably begged 2 players off of another team and played with 8, but it was 45 degrees with probably 30 mph winds blowing and the majority of the guys that did show up didn’t want to play. I can’t blame them. Playing with 8 and getting slaughtered is bad enough, but doing it in 45 degree temps is just downright stupid.

So maybe next week we will get to play. I know I have several guys that will be coming out that weren’t available to play the first few weeks so I think I will manage to pull together the team.

Wish me luck.


1 Response to “Softball Update #2”

  1. 1 1wmcaw May 6, 2008 at 3:18 pm

    I’m still a bit irate about schedule excuse dude 😦 Oh well. I hope you get to play at least some this season or at least get our money back! That way you can pay back the guys who at least managed to pay you on time and we aren’t out the cash for doing NOTHING.

    These guys with the excuses don’t understand how much work you’ve put into making this happen. UGH. They better not cross me right now. They won’t like what I have to say about their excuses!

    Love you. Miss you. Wish you were home now.

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