Softball Update #3

Well, after a week of rain it should come as a huge surprise to everyone that we actually got out and played this morning. Fields were nice and muddy on the infield, but the bad spots were really only around first base and home plate.

We, yet again, didn’t have enough guys show up to play. But the opposing team was kind enough to let us borrow the 15 year old son of their Shortstop and our league coordinator, who was there prepping the fields, called in two of his guys to fill us out to nine players.

The other team had ten. Guess who won.

WE DID!!!!

The first game we took 27-11. The second game 19-0. I felt kinda bad about beating them that bad when we really should have yet another forfeit on the board, but it was their call, and they made the same choice I would have.

I think Kevin, the coach of the other team, is probably one of the best guys that comes out for any of the teams on Saturday mornings. From past experience I know that at least one of the other coaches would have been a total tool about the entire thing.

But for today, great sportsmanship abounded and we had a good time.

Yours truly hit fairly well. I got on base six times (two fielders choice outs at second, one walk, and three base hits), and flew out to center twice. For me, that’s a good day. Especially for the first day back.

You guys cross your fingers or toss up a prayer for me that I can get the guys to show up for next week. Got five commitments from guys this morning. I think I can get at least three more pretty easy.

You will find out in the next Update.

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