St. Louis Cardinals HR Leader

You would expect this title to belong to Albert Pujols. If you are a baseball fan of any level, regardless of being a Cards fan or not, you know who Pujols is. Albert is sitting at 9 HRs for the season after Saturdays game.

But, 45 games into the season, the expectation that Pujols is leading the team is incorrect. Shocker I know. So who is leading the team?

Ryan Ludwick.


I know. Ludwick joined the team last season in a utility outfielders role, and this season he has been a pretty regular starter out in Right Field. And he has been cracking the ball out any chance he gets. His two homers yesterday, including the walk off game winner in the bottom of the 10th inning have him sitting at 10 HRs on the season, leading the club.

Just wanted to pour out my thoughts on the oddness of Pujols trailing a young skinny outfielder that most of the country probably hasn’t heard off.

Lets see if he can get his lead back this afternoon when the Cards wrap up their series against the Rays.

Go Cards!

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