House Season Finale

Ok, let me start out by saying, if you are a fan of House and haven’t seen tonight’s season finale, stop reading now.

Spoiler alert out of the way?   Check.  On to the goods.

I love the show.  House is probably one of the greatest dramas on TV right now.  And I am sure it doesn’t get the credit it deserves all the time.  Some of my own family don’t watch it because they don’t care for how House’s attitude is portrayed in the commercials.  Never having watched the show, they don’t get the deeper side of House.

But I gotta say, tonight’s episode was a gut wrenching tear jerker.  Seems like the last time anything on TV got me as choked up as this did was The Green MileMy wife actually sobbed out loud at one point. 

Amber and Wilson gave us a glimpse into something that happens multiple times a day all around the world, when people say their last goodbyes to loved ones at the end.  I have never been in that situation personally, but watching this episode made me hurt for Wilson as if I were him.

Man, I don’t even know how to put into words everything that came out of this episode. 

I guess it was just a great end to a great season.  It was a great end, even if I agreed with my wife when the show ended and she said, “That was a horrible episode!!”  I totally understood and agreed, but it was a great episode at the same time.  If you missed it, do what you can to find last weeks episode and watch them back to back, because it was a two week finale.

Oh, The Green Mile was the last movie to get me that choked up, but the last TV show to do it was ER when Anthony Edwards’ character finally succumbed to his brain tumor.  The scene they filmed combined with the song they played really got to me.

Ok, I will be done now.  Every once in a while a show manages to turn in a performance that makes the entire run of the show worth watching.  This was the one for House.


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