Softball Update #5 and #6

Well you get a two for one in this post.

Softball Update #5  –  We got rained out.  Gonna be playing well into July at this rate.

Softball Update #6

Rough week this week.  We missed out on two outfielders that we had last time with one being unavailable for a reason I don’t know, and the other being in Finland for work.  So we got to the field with nine supposed to show.  We can play with nine but it isn’t much more fun than playing with eight.  So I asked one of the teams that was playing on the field before us if anyone wanted to stay and play with us to round us out at ten players.  Nice guy named Casey took the bait and volunteered.

After that I had to get the other coach to ok us using a sub from another team.  After a few minutes of him seeming like he was going to be a tool and tell me no, he finally gave in and said “fine, whatever, just go with it.”

I don’t know why he was so retarded about it, we wouldn’t have been any worse with nine as you are about to see.

The first game started out bad and got worse.  I guess that’s not true.  We only gave up 2 or 3 in the first inning, but we got a beautiful web-gem of a play from our short stop.  Hard hit line drive between his position and the third baseman and he took maybe a step and then layed out for it and snagged it out of the air.  You won’t see a pro ball player make a better play.

The rest of the game didn’t go so well.  We went three up three down in the first, then gave up a few more runs in the second to bring the score to 7-0 them.  I think we got one runner in teh bottom of the second, but he didn’t make it to the plate.

Third inning was real bad.  Gave up 13 runs with probably as many errors committed.  Ok, the errors comment is a bit of an exaggeration, but there were a few of those.  Bottom of the inning finally rolled around and they got us one, two, three again.  20-0 after three innings means the mercy rule goes into effect and the game is over.  I think it took like 30 minutes to play that game.  Maybe.

Game two wasn’t quite as bad.  We got mercy ruled in that one two but it took five innings to get there at a final score of 15-5.  We did at least get to exact some vengance on one of the big bruisers of their team.  he crushed one at our short stop and he launched it at me at first.  His throw was a little late and a little wide of me and it went off the tip of my glove to the outfield side of the bag.  Unfortunately for the runner, that’s right where he was.  The ball smacked into the inside of his right calf.  Sounded painful but he said it didn’t hurt him.  The next batter knocked a little texas leaguer into short center field.  My man out in left-center grabbed that one and tossed it bag in toward second base.  Unfortunately for the big guy, the same one that got nailed at first base, our short stop and our second baseman turned away from the ball, I guess thinking it was being thrown to the pitcher.  Well, it wasn’t, it was to one of them, at second, where the runner was standing.  He was facing home plate.  The ball bounced right off the back of his head.  “Now that one hurt!”  was his response to getting nailed.

Unfortunately, I think he still scored eventually.

Well, I guess you can’t win ’em all.  We will see how the team does next week.  I won’t be there unfortunately and at the moment I only have three guys that will be.  Hopefully we can get together enough to play.


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