Back in Town

Well, I have actually been back for a few days but I am just now getting around to updating the blog. We got back Tuesday night after a good weekend of relaxing and having fun with the family.

Wednesday we got on the road after work and made it to Nashville after a stop in Paducah, KY for dinner with my grandparents. Thursday morning we got up and on the road for the rest of the trip. We stopped in Knoxville for lunch with some friends of my wife’s and then finished up the drive.

The cabin we stayed in fit all 10 of us that were there for the weekend easily. It had a beautiful view of the mountains. Just down the hillside was Dollywood and Dolly’s Splash Mountain Water Park, where we spent Friday and Saturday.

My son really enjoyed the water park. I think he went down the two slides in the kiddie section of the park a dozen times. He was very unhappy about leaving but spotting a little blue tailed lizard on the way out and chasing it into the bushes seemed to cheer him up some.

At Dollywood he got his first ride on a roller coaster. Just a little up and down thing but he loved it. He also loved the Dumbo ride and the little duck ride that he got to ride by himself like a big boy. He had a big day that was capped off with a short little VeggieTales live show before we left the park for the day.

I think the rest of us all had a good time too. Just enough sun burn from the weekend to show that the baby sunscreen for sensitive skin doesn’t work all that well on babies and works even less on grown ups. Live and learn, then get Banana Boat!

Ain\'t she cute.Sunday was filled with prepping for birthdays. Our daughter turned one year old. (pictured at right, I know, that little grin is so mischievous) My wife actually turns 26 today, and my step-sister had a birthday too in that time, though I didn’t catch how old she is, 24 or 25 I think.

Overall, good times were had by all. Hopefully we will get to do it again soon.


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