Softball Update #7 and #8

Seems like the last time I did a dual softball update it was a forfeited set and a played set just like this time.

Update #7, while I was out of town, we couldn’t get enough guys together to play. Forfeit. Go figure.

Update #8, scheduled bye week turned into rain out make up. If you recall week #1 was rained out. Well, it was supposed to be against the league coordinator Jim’s team. He called me up and offered to play the make up game for it on our bye week. Sounded good until he told us we would need to try to do it before his teams scheduled games at 8 am. That meant 6 am for us.

Oh joy. I have enough trouble getting guys to show up at 10 am. Well, midway through the week I only had 6 guys say they would play. For some reason I kept trying and conned 10 guys into saying they would show up. Games were on.

Of course, one of my guys didn’t show up, yeah, I’m lookin’ at you Sean! But it was all good. We played with nine and got our butts thoroughly handed to us. I think the combined run totals for the two games was like, 51-13 or so. Yup, it was terrible. Brings the season record to 3 wins, 9 loses, I think.

Maybe we will do better next week. Games are at 10 and 11 so hopefully I will have guys willing to wake up and get there. We shall see…

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