Logitech Harmony 550

ThLogitech Harmony 550is remote is great. For Father’s Day this year my first gift from my wife was the Logitech Harmony 550 Universal Remote Control. I gotta say I love it. Of the five pieces of electronics I have to control with it, it works four of them perfectly, and the fifth I am not real upset about.

My television, DVD player, DiercTV reciever, and my cd changer all work quite well. The only thing that doesn’t is an old JVC Radio/CD/Cassette player, and I have figured out that I can fix that in the provided software very simply.

All told, so far it has taken me about 25 minutes of setup time to get this thing working great. It has replaced the original five remotes that I was using, and even my wife loves it.

I think I am going to be getting one for my grandfather for Christmas. He has a ton of remotes and little notepads laying around to tell him how to work all his different electronics. This little remote has a screen on it that will let you choose what you want to do.

Select “Watch TV” and the remote will turn on the TV, the Cable or Satellite Receiver, and put them all on the right channel. Select “Watch DVD” and it will turn on your DVD player and set the TV to the right settings to watch it. It even auto-starts the DVD for you.

I have used other universal remotes in the past and I tell ya, nothing works as well as this one. Even my grandpa will have no trouble once I get this thing set up for him.

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