Softball Update #9

Now that is has been over a week since our last outing I am finally getting around to typing this up. I know there are so many of you just dying to know how the team did.

We played against the newest team to join the league, Destiny Church. As soon as they all started showing up I started to get worried. Normally the other team doesn’t worry me before we get on the field, but I don’t think these guys had a single player over the age of thirty except their pitcher. And just about every one of them looked like athletes. (This feeling would prove to have some basis to it later.)

The first game started out good. We were hitting well and we were fielding well. Going into the final inning we were up by 6 runs. That didn’t last, as we goofed around and let them score 7 on us. But it was all good. All we had to do was score 2 to win or 1 to send it to an extra inning. We had scored in all but one inning so far so it seemed like an easily overcome obstacle.

But it wasn’t to be. They shut us down 1-2-3. We lost 11-12 in a game we totally should have won. I heard one of their players comment to another one that they seem like they always have to win in late game rallies like that.

I had high hopes for the second game. Those hopes were shattered quickly as we seemed to totally lose our ability to get on base.

It was in the course of this shellacking that I found out the piece of info I hinted about earlier. Their center fielder, who was all over the place and letting nothing drop that was hit anywhere out there, turns out to have played some minor league ball of some kind in the past. They said he is normally their short stop and nothing gets by him, but they put him in center because the only had 9 players and they wanted him to cover that extra space. And I must say, he covered it well. They stomped us 13-3 in 5 innings.

So, we managed to drop to 3-11 for the season. This coming weekend we play our final rain out make up games before the tournament starts next weekend. We have beat these guys in seasons past and I am confident we can do it again. Let’s just not pay any attention to that little 11 game losing streak we have going on.

On an up note we did have several good defensive plays during the game and I am confident we have our infield set well. A nice double play turned by our shortstop on a line drive he caught and then threw over to me to pick the guy off of first base was one. Another was a great play by my third baseman where he bobbled a hard hit grounder but stuck with it and still managed to throw the runner out at first. I will mention my own play as they had a lefty that hit 5 hard grounders to me that I played well. I won’t mention the one that I let go through my legs. (Gimme a break, it was coming really hard on that rough terrain and I wasn’t wearing a cup 😮 it scared me a little)


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