I’m An Embarrassment…

Well, at least according to one of the two men who has a shot at becoming the next President of this great country.

I realize this story is two days old at this point, and in the world of politics that is forever, but I am gonna write about it anyway.

Barak Obama saying he is embarrassed by Europeans being able to speak multiple languages when Americans can’t is just plain retarded.  I spent six years of my life living in Germany as a kid because my dad was in the Army.  And while we were there we lived out in the German cities, not on the American Army base.  So we were constantly immersed in the culture.  Did I learn German?  No.  I speak enough German to say, “I am an American, I don’t speak German.”  And I can count, so that I can pay for this there.

You know how most Germans I encountered reacted to that?  They were excited to be able to practice their English.  Even when my dad went places and did try to use his limited German, they wanted to speak English to him.  He would ask them to use German because he wanted to improve, but they wanted to improve too.

And they are already pretty decent with English.  Why?  Because they are taught English from the time they are little kids in grade school.  Every year they are required to take English classes.  But as someone pointed out yesterday, it isn’t because of tourists, it’s because English is the language of International Business.

I don’t know, it just strikes me as wrong that Obama would try to tell us that our kids should all be learning Spanish so that we can communicate with all the millions of illegal immigrants that come to this country.

The article linked below from the Boston Herald really says what I am trying to say quite well.  Check it out.  I personally can’t believe that the man is contradicting what the American people want so much.  After all, 83% of Americans believing immigrants need to learn English is definitely a majority, and absolutely has to include a lot of his supporters.

Read this story from the Boston Herald.  Its worth it.

Hold Your (native) Tongue!

What do you think about the issue?


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