Softball Update #10

Week 10 has now come and gone. I know, you are all shocked that its only two days later and I am getting an update posted!

Week 10 was actually another rain out make up for us. I believe this was the week 4 rain out but I’m not sure of that. Doesn’t really matter. To the good stuff!

We finally did it. We got off our duffs and broke our 9 game losing streak. I know, last week I said 11 game losing streak but then I realized that we forfeited 2 games before we got to play so we were 0-2 before we won our first 3 games, so, 9 game streak. Anyway. We finished the regular season at 5-11. Not impressive at all but, it turns out we may not be the last seed in the tournament next week. One of the teams we forfeited against actually may have fewer wins. Hopefully I will find out soon.

To the game updates. First game was a blast. We held them to no runs in the first three innings before giving up 3 in the fourth and one more in the sixth inning. We hit and ran like crazy. Our shortstop Jeremy had two inside the park home runs in the same game. It was awesome. First game score 14-4 in six innings.

Second game was much closer, even though the score doesn’t really show that, with the final being 18-11. Not really any standout plays in that one other than our pitcher making a nice play on a line drive that would have almost taken his head off if he hadn’t caught it. Yours truly had one solid line drive to play and two pop-ups on the infield that I caught at the very edge of my range. Other than that, it was just a solid well played softball game.

Now for the tourney. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.


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