The End is Near…

Well, that may be the case but for what I am really talking about, the end is here.  The final game of our softball season tournament was this past Saturday.  As I mentioned in the last update, it was against the annoying team.  And they thoroughly stomped us, like I predicted.

It would have been helpful I think if my team had shown up to play.  Several guys bailed on the weekend for various reasons leaving me hanging at only 9 players.  Then one of them slept through his alarm.  Not blaming him, I sleep through mine every morning, but it was just an extra kick in the butt.

He made it to the game in for the bottom of the second inning.  Unfortunately by then the real damage was done.  Playing a man short we dropped our second baseman into a deep 2nd\shallow right field position and shifted our shortstop over toward second base.  I think there were probably 3 or 4 balls that would have been outs had our guys been in their normal positions that went for base hits instead.  But we did what we had to do and gave up 10 runs in the first inning.

I really think that just shot our morale because we did nothing at the plate after that.  I think we had maybe two guys make it as far as third base, and neither of them scored.

On the upside, after last week’s rocky game for Jeremy at short stop, he went out to the lake and broke his toe jumping off a boat.  He played much better this week on that broken toe.  I think next year I am going to bring a hammer to every game and threaten to start breaking toes if he starts giving up errors.

Anyway, we went out the way we spent the majority of the season, getting whipped.  Final score for this one was 17-0 in three and a half innings.  I haven’t talked to Jim yet to find out who won the tourney or what our final place was, so there will be one more update to come.

Hopefully next year I will get a full team worth of committments and we will have better luck.


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