The Mercy Rule…

The Mercy Rule. It’s got the be the worst way to end a game if you are the one having mercy taken on you. Basically it says, you are getting beat so badly that there is no real chance of you coming back from it, so we will just end the game early. You suck.

In our softball league we had a mercy rule. 20 runs after 4 innings, 15 after 5, or 10 after 6 means the game is over. We lost in this way a few times and we won this way a few times. And every time one of my guys, I won’t name names, complained about it.

I understand a bit. I dont like games to end early. But, you can’t expect a church softball league to throw out the mercy rule when the Olympics use it for softball!

I just heard that last night. The US team won their game yesterday after 5 innings when the mercy rule was put into effect. It turned out to be the 4th straight game that they won by the mercy rule. They ahve outscored their opponents 53-1. And the 1 was unearned. Crazy.

Anyway. Just thought I would point it out.


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  1. 1 Fiscal Musings August 20, 2008 at 12:32 am

    I can agree with you to a point. The comparison is with the olympics which I dare say is highly competitive. Now, while a church league may end up being competitive due to certain players and teams, I tend to think that it’s intent is more for enjoyment as a wholesome recreational activity.

    So here’s my solution… For those people who think they need mercy and just can’t take it, they can leave. For the rest of those who just want to play the game, who cares what the score ends up being (especially when you had to get up early and drive 20 minutes just to be there).

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