Stupid survey

Over at Fiscal Musings a few weeks ago there was a post about getting paid for surveys through a website called Opinion Outpost. That place is awesome and I have made over $100 from their site.

I also use another site for surveys though that I won’t name, because I am about to badmouth them.

Today I got a survey opportunity through this other site. As I was working through it, it asked me about a bunch of different television stations, and whether I watch them or not. One in particular was ABC Family. I don’t watch ABC Family, and I indicated that in the survey. Well, after I indicated I didn’t watch it, the survey got more specific, asking only questions about ABC Family. Seeing as how I don’t watch it, it was really easy to answer the questions they had about it.

So I go through this ten minute long survey and finally get to the end. All seems well. I click the finish button and it takes me to the screen that usually credits the award for completing the survey. Only this time it says, “Sorry, you completed the survey faster then 95% of the other survey participants so we feel that you did not give enough thought to your answers.”


Come on, I specifically pointed out that I didn’t watch the channel that all the questions were about. Of course I didn’t have to put much thought into my answers. They could have had the decency of kicking me out of the survey earlier.

Retarded thing.


1 Response to “Stupid survey”

  1. 1 Fiscal Musings August 29, 2008 at 12:21 am

    I hate it when dumb things like that waste my time.

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