Final Holiday Inn Update…

I am sure all of you are just holding your breath waiting for the conclusion to my Holiday Inn fiasco. well here you go.

The Better Business Bureau closed the case without resolution a few weeks.  The process went, I filed a complaint, the hotel responded, I responded, they responded, case closed.  The chick at the hotel continued to be a tool and basically had nothing to say other than, you had two rooms you have to pay for them.  She just would not acknowledge that I was lied to on multiple occasions.

I was annoyed that the BBB closed it, but a follow up email to them got them to tell me it was just standard procedure to close after the number of back and forth statements we had.  I knew going in that they had no actual power to force anyones hand.

That was the bad news, here is the good news.  About a eek, maybe two after the BBB closed my case I was looking at my credit card website for some info.  The info I found that I was not actually looking for was that I had been credited the money for half of what the hotel had charged me, plus the finance charge for it.


I was surprised that they had credited my account but not sent me any kind of notification so I called up to the customer support and asked them about it.  I told the lady that I wanted to make sure it was actually closed because the BBB process had gotten me nothing but my head slammed against a wall in frustration.

She checked the notes on the credit and it said that the dispute had been closed.  That was all the details in there, but she said that because they credited it back to me and closed the dispute that they had sided with me on the matter and that I didn’t have to worry about it anymore.  All I can figure is that the hotel chick must have not responded within the 45 days they allowed, because if she had I would have had to respond back just like the BBB case.

Anyway, thanks for all the prayers and thoughts you guys all sent up for me about this situation.  It’s so nice not to have to think about it anymore.


1 Response to “Final Holiday Inn Update…”

  1. 1 Julie October 24, 2008 at 7:44 am

    Congrats! This had to be incredibly stressful for you. I know I’ll think twice before staying in another Holiday Inn. I’m glad you won. That was a lot of money they planned to just take from you by bad ethics!

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