Well, the season started out well for the Packers.  2-0 was a surprising nice start.  Things are slipping away at the moment though.  I haven’t heard the latest news on Al Harris, and though I think he is an awful cornerback, some think he is one of the best in the league.  And I have to admit he is the best on the team.  It’s going to hurt us a lot if he really is done for the season.  Our defensive secondary is always weak to begin with.

I am hoping Rodgers can get is shoulder strength built up for this weekend.  The last thing we need is to go from debating the merits of letting Favre return, to deciding our future QB is ready after three years on the bench, to having to depend on two raw rookies.

On to my number two team, the Titans are off to a great start this season.  4-0 is always nice.  This weekend is going to be a challenging game at Baltimore.  The Ravens defense is looking like the old school Ravens D of their Super Bowl year in 2000.  Our D is lookin’ good to though, so I guess it’s going to come down to the veteran old QB (Kerry Collins) vs. the young guy (Joe Flacco).  Let’s hope experience continues it’s dominance over youthful confidence.

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