TBM’s Book Review: Mistborn: The Hero of Ages


Oh, you need more?  Ok.  Brandon Sanderson is the chosen one to a Wheel of Time fan.  He is the author that Harriet, Robert Jordan’s wife, hand picked to finished Jordan’s epic Wheel of Time series after his unfortunate death.

I decided to read through his writing to just kind of get a feel for him and form my own opinion as to his fitness in finishing the Wheel of Time (not that I don’t trust Harriet, I’m just curious).  (The preceding sentence is an example of why I am not a writer.  It’s horrible but I can’t figure out a better way to say what I am trying to say there.)

The Hero of Ages is the fourth book of his that I have read.  It is the conclusion to a trilogy, and it is very, very good.  Ok, let me qualify that.  Was it the best thing I have ever read?  No.  I still have trouble picking a better book than the sixth book of Wheel of Time, Lord of Chaos.  But it was much better than most of anything else I have read.  Including a few of the many installments of Wheel of Time and the entire last two thirds of Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series.

I can’t really write up a lot of detail about the book because it would spoil a lot of what happens in the first two books of the series, Mistborn: Final Empire, and Well
of Ascension
.  Let me just say that the twists and turns and highs and lows that Sanderson built into this story leave me confidant that he will do the final piece of the Wheel of Time series justice as few others besides Jordan himself could have.

Dropping the ties to the Wheel of Time work, this book was great.  The ending left me as satisfied as any extended fantasy story possibly could.  I, of course, got attached to so many of the characters that it makes me sad to say goodbye to them.  Even though he leaves the story open ended enough to know that life will go on in this world, and has told us that he may revisit it in a future series, I will still miss all of the people I have come to know and care about through these three books.  (Oh, I guess that was a little bit of a spoiler in itself right there.  Oh well, you know the good guys always win in these stories already, I’m not
really spoiling anything huge there.)

That is a sign for me of a good story.  Some stories I finish and I am glad I don’t have to pick it up again.  Those fall into my yuck category that won’t get recommended to the people that annoy me more than anyone else.  I wouldn’t be so mean as to inflict those books on them.  Books like David Edding’s Dreamers series.  Man was that awful.

Mistborn though, right now it stands right beside The Wheel of Time as a series that I would recommend to anyone.  So there it is.  Great story, go check it out.

(I know, I know.  Any English teacher would tear me up for the horrible job I did italicizing book and series titles.  Shoot me.  Individual books got italics.  Series got italics when they were first mentioned.  Call it the Bald Monkey Annotation Format.)


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