The upside…

Ok, I am pretty much winding down on election stuff and prepping for the next four years of “I told ya so.”

But before I wrap up talk about this past election I wanted to point out the bright side of things that us conservatives should be seeing.

We all know, Barak Obama is a Socialist disguised as a Democrat. What I think we lost sight of over the last several months though, is that John McCain is a Democrat disguised as a Republican.

Despite what some who know me may think, I never have been a real McCain fan. He got my vote because I didn’t want Obama to win. About half of the people who voted for McCain did so because they didn’t want Obama to win.

I can’t remember if I actually voted in the primaries, but I wanted Huckabee to be the nominee. Unfortunately, the conservative Republican vote got split between Huckabee and Romney, and McCain slithered into the win.

Now here is the bright side of Obama’s win. If McCain had won, we conservatives would have never been able to get a real conservative in office after he was out. With the extreme leftist that the country picked heading to Washington though, it greatly improves our chance of a conservative having a shot next time. Assuming of course we can find a conservative we can agree on.

So perk up all my brother and sister conservatives out there. The next four years may actually not be as bad as we have feared. After all, in Obamas own words, “The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even one term…”

On a side note, did anyone who watched the speech notice some of the shocked looks on some faces in the crowd when he said he wasn’t going to be able to do everything he promised, and that everyone was going to have to work hard and sacrifice.

I wish I could have seen this woman’s reaction,

Bet she was shocked to hear she was still going to have to work to put gas in her car and pay her mortgage.

Sorry, got off topic. Anyway, just remember, heads up, and lets get focused. Less than two years now until we have a shot to oust some of the retarded Democrats we have running this country from congress.


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