Don’t start that Christmas shopping yet.  Before you do you may want to sign up for UpromiseUpromise is a college savings program that rewards you for buying a variety of goods and shopping at a lot of different stores.

The College Savings part comes in when you tie your account to a 529 plan.  It can be a 529 for anyone, your kids, your grandkids, nieces, nephews, even yourself.

You simply open up an account and tie your credit cards, debit cards, grocery cards, gas cards, whatever you use, to the 529 you want the money to go to.

Don’t have a 529 to contribute to?  You can just let the money build up in your Upromise account and request a check from them.  Put it in an Educational Savings Account, use it to pay off student loans, or according to some things I have read online, any other loan or bill you may want to use it for.

There is absolutely no downside that I can see to this.  Even if  you don’t often shop at the stores that participate, you will still build up money over time and every penny counts.

But I can tell ya, the most money I save up is going to come from one retailer, McDonalds.  Everyone eats at McyD’s so sign up.  Help someone you love pay for college.


And no, this isn’t a paid advertisement, it’s just something I believe in and think everyone should at least take a look at.

EDIT: Just noticed my tinyurl link to the Upromise page is missing the “r” in promise. Dont worry, it really is a link to the Upromise page and not some fishing malicious link or anything. Just a typo on my part.

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