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That’s my son…

So I got a funny story for ya here.

Tuesday night my son had his first Christmas Program at his preschool. He’s 3 so naturally he didn’t sing any of the songs but he did a great job standing up there with all the other kids and he did a lot of the hand motions that went along with the songs.

He really did a great job and I was one proud daddy.

The funny story though…

Requires a little background to get the humor.

When I was little, maybe a year or two older than he is, I was in my first Christmas play. I was an angel and as far as I know, just had to stand around, no lines or anything. We were in Germany at the time and my grandparents flew all the way there from here in the states to see me in my first play.

And of course, according to the story I have heard many many times over the years, I, being a bored 4 or 5 year old, spent almost the entire play on stage, with my finger up my nose. (I think I was trying to scratch my brain or something if the stories that are told are accurate.)

So for years my mom has told that story on me. I think my wife knew that story before we even got engaged, she may have known it before we started dating, I’m not sure.

So last night, Tay has his first show. My mom flew down from the DC area to see it. Pretty much, as soon as he got up on the stage and they got all the kids settled down, he proved that he is my son.

Yup, you guessed it, finger right up the nose.

Luckily, he just did it for a second and then stopped. But it was enough to get a big laugh out of my whole family.

There is no doubting it, he is my son.

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