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Gotta love the library

I just have to say real quick that my local library is going to save my life for this class I am taking.

I am writing my first paper on Electronic Health Documents, a huge Information Systems change that is ongoing in the health industry, and one that Obama is pushing hard to get nationalized, one of the few ideas he has supported that I agree with him on.  (I threw in that little dig because my lovely wife suggested the topic based on the fact that EHD’s are currently in the news because he — Ooops, better capitalized that…..  there we go, don’t want to offend the messiah’s followers —  because He is pushing them, but I digress…)

Unfortunately, information on the health industry tends to be hard to come by, especially info that has been published in the last six months, which is a requirement for all of our sources.

The library though, is subscribed to a large, let me repeat, Large number of journals. In the last hour of searching I have already found several articles from different journals that are going to be lovely sources for this first paper. Most of the journals I have found charge fees for individual articles online that are high enough that I can’t imagine the cost of a subscription, but I don’t have to.

Support your local library!! You never know when they are going to be supporting you!



Just got to join the rest of the world in pointing out that … Michael Phelps is absolutely ridiculous.  I have managed to watch every one of his televised races so far and he is just too good.

Yeah, nothing else to really say here.  I hope the announcers don’t jinx his last races by already handing him the gold medals tonight.

Good luck to him for the rest of the competition.

The Newest New York Jet

I’m sure you all want to know my feelings about the end of the career in Green Bay of our storied QB.

Well, I am ok with it. Do I think Aaron Rodgers is gonna be great this year? No. But I think he will do ok. We are not going to have as good a year this year as we did last year regardless of who is behind center.

And I am ok with Favre going to the Jets. I didn’t really like the Tampa Bay trade possibilities because we are playing the Bucs at home this year. I didn’t want to see Favre in Lambeau in the wrong colors. We don’t play the Jets at all unless the sky falls and we both make it to the Super Bowl.

So I am fine with it. I am a “Packer fan” type of Packer fan, and not a “Favre fan” type of Packer fan. He was a great QB for us for a long time, but players move on while the team remains.

I wish him well and, because I hate the Patriots, I hope he has a great season up there.

How do you dems brush this stuff off?

The story I am about to post was written back in December of 2006.  It may be a year and a half old but it is very relevant right now.  I don’t know how anyone can still support this man knowing this kind of thing about his views of the value of human life.

Obama More Pro-Choice Than NARAL
Amanda B. Carpenter

Sen. Barack Obama (D.-Ill.) portrays himself as a thoughtful Democrat who carefully considers both sides of controversial issues, but his radical stance on abortion puts him further left on that issue than even NARAL Pro-Choice America.

In 2002, as an Illinois legislator, Obama voted against the Induced Infant Liability Act, which would have protected babies that survived late-term abortions. That same year a similar federal law, the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, was signed by President Bush. Only 15 members of the U.S. House opposed it, and it passed the Senate unanimously on a voice vote.

Both the Illinois and the federal bill sought equal treatment for babies who survived premature inducement for the purpose of abortion and wanted babies who were born prematurely and given live-saving medical attention.

When the federal bill was being debated, NARAL Pro-Choice America released a statement that said, “Consistent with our position last year, NARAL does not oppose passage of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act … floor debate served to clarify the bill’s intent and assure us that it is not targeted at Roe v. Wade or a woman’s right to choose.”

But Obama voted against this bill in the Illinois senate and killed it in committee. Twice, the Induced Infant Liability Act came up in the Judiciary Committee on which he served. At its first reading he voted “present.” At the second he voted “no.”

The bill was then referred to the senate’s Health and Human Services Committee, which Obama chaired after the Illinois Senate went Democratic in 2003. As chairman, he never called the bill up for a vote.

Jill Stanek, a registered delivery-ward nurse who was the prime mover behind the legislation after she witnessed aborted babies’ being born alive and left to die, testified twice before Obama in support of the Induced Infant Liability Act bills. She also testified before the U.S. Congress in support of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

Stanek told me her testimony “did not faze” Obama.

In the second hearing, Stanek said, “I brought pictures in and presented them to the committee of very premature babies from my neonatal resuscitation book from the American Pediatric Association, trying to show them unwanted babies were being cast aside. Babies the same age were being treated if they were wanted!”

“And those pictures didn’t faze him [Obama] at all,” she said.

At the end of the hearing, according to the official records of the Illinois State senate, Obama thanked Stanek for being “very clear and forthright,” but said his concern was that Stanek had suggested “doctors really don’t care about children who are being born with a reasonable prospect of life because they are so locked into their pro-abortion views that they would watch an infant that is viable die.” He told her, “That may be your assessment, and I don’t see any evidence of that. What we are doing here is to create one more burden on a woman and I can’t support that.”

As a senator, Obama has opposed measures to criminalize those who transport minors across state lines for the purpose of obtaining an abortion.

At a townhall meeting in Ottawa, Ill., Joanne Resendiz, a teacher and mother of five, asked him: “How are you going to vote on this, keeping in mind that 10, 15 years down the line your daughters, God forbid, could be transported across state lines?”

Obama said: “The decision generally is one that a woman should make.”

Original story link:

Ok, seriously, how do you just brush this off?  God manages a miracle here and doesn’t let the doctor kill the baby on the first try.  So the doctor just sets the baby aside and waits for it so starve to death, or have some bodily system shutdown?  Something that could be taken care of fairly easily?

“Oh well, the mom doesn’t want the baby, keeping it alive would be too much of a burden on her.”  Bunk.  She doesn’t want that baby.  Stick a piece of paper in front of her acknowledging that she is giving up parental rights and keep that baby alive until one of the millions of parents in this country wanting to adopt a child can take him home.

This is just so wrong.  I don’t care how smooth he talks or who turns out to be the one pulling the strings in the background, this man will never get my vote.  I will take McCain’s “anger issues” anyday.

Free eBooks!!

Need something to fill the time and you don’t mind reading on a computer screen? Or you have a Kindle from Amazon and you need a few free books to upload to it?

The Tor publishing company has launched a new website and during the runup to that they were giving away a free eBook each week. That part is over as the new site has launched but, from now until July 27, yes, July 27 this Sunday, you can download any of the eBooks that they gave away over the past several months. There are 24 of them all together. There is also artwork you can download for your desktop.

Here is a list of all of the books:

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson – I have read this one and it’s awesome. It’s worth paying for, but for free it’s an absolute must read.

Old Man’s War by John Scalzi

Spin by Robert Charles Wilson

Farthing by Jo Walton

The Outstretched Shadow by Mercedies Lackey & James Mallory

Crystal Rain by Tobias Buckell

Lord of the Isles by David Drake

Through Wolf’s Eyes by Jane Lindskold

The Disunited States of America by Harry Turtledove

Reiffen’s Choice by S.C. Butler

Sun of Suns by Karl Schroeder

Four and Twenty Blackbirds by Cherie Priest

Spirit Gate by Kate Elliot

Starfish by Peter Watts

Touch of Evil by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp

A Shadow in Summer by Daniel Abraham

Orphans of Chaos by John Wright

In the Garden of Iden by Kage Baker

In the Midnight Hour by Patti O’Shea

Battlestar Galactica by Jeffrey A. Carver – This is a good read too. It is just about a direct book adaptation from the ongoing Sci-fi Channel show. After reading it, I ordered the first season on DVD so that I could watch it.

Flash by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

Soul by Tobsha Learner

Darkness of the Light by Peter David

Three Shadows by Cyril Pedrosa

Head over to the website and grab them up quick before the offer runs out!

Gas Tax holiday? Try a Gas Tax Hike Instead!

In response to Julie’s comment on my earlier post I thought I would put this little nugget out there.

It seems that after the idea of a Gas Tax Holiday was quickly shot down, the geniuses who control congress decided that moving at light speed in the opposite direction might be a good idea.

Now, lawmakers quietly are talking about raising fuel taxes by a dime from the current 18.4 cents a gallon on gasoline and 24.3 cents on diesel fuel.

The link to the full article is below. I cannot believe that these morons think raising our taxes again could possibly do anything to help our already failing economy.

Fox News Article

Up to 10 years for Obama!

I borrowed this from another blog because I couldn’t have said it better myself.

By Warner Todd Huston
July 20, 2008 – 20:20 ET

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, the reputed “Constitutional scholar,” just today said on CBS’s Face the Nation that he went to Iraq to talk to important leader that he expects to be “dealing with over the next eight to 10 years.” So, does this “Constitutional scholar” not realize that there is this little thing called the 22nd Amendment that holds a president to only two, four year terms? Um, that would be a grand total of only 8 years, Barack, not 8 to 10. Of course, the big question is, will we see this idiot gaffe race through the MSM as it would if a Republican had said it?

At the very least ABC’s Jake Tapper, one of the best political reporters in the biz, sure noticed. Tapper has a blog entry on his “Political Punch” blog all about it with an amusing side note about time travel added in just for fun.

Today on CBS’s Face the Nation, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., in Afghanistan, told the paparazzi-pursued correspondent Lara Logan that “the objective of this trip was to have substantive discussions with people like President Karzai or Prime Minister Maliki or President Sarkozy or others who I expect to be dealing with over the next eight to 10 years.”

Tapper zings the presumptuous nominee a good one.

The notion that Obama will be dealing with world leaders for eight-to-ten years, possibly up through July 2018, suggests that either (a) he believes that not only will he be elected and re-elected, but the 22nd amendment will be repealed and he will be elected for a third term, OR (b) he was speaking casually and just meant two terms.

Tapper goes on to zing Obama several more times before this entry is done.

But, why is it that Tapper is seemingly the only denizen of the MSM ever willing to bring out these stories? Why does the MSM so constantly give the Obamessiah a pass? I’ll bet you can say why.

But here is a real point to ponder. What if John McCain had said he’d be president for the next 10 years? Wouldn’t the press and every late night comedian gin up the “he’s old and senile” jokes until those jokes would go through the country like wildfire?

Lastly, we have yet one more example of this man’s arrogance. He is beginning to carry on foreign policy before he even gets elected!

“And it’s important for me to have a relationship with them early, that I start listening to them now, getting a sense of what their interests and concerns are.”

You see, Barack, that is a president’s job! Have you been elected yet?

What do you think?

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