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The baby girl slept all night again last night!! Let’s hope she can make it two nights in a row!!

That is all.



Tell me this, why in the world is Wall-E winning so many awards?  It won the Golden Globe for best animated feature last night over Bolt and Kung Fu Panda.

I have seen Wall-E once, I have seen Kung Fu Panda at least a dozen times at this point.  My kids love it.  They were both ready to leave the theatre half way through Wall-E.  There were a few laughs in Wall-E, but I have no desire to watch it again.  I’m still not tired of Kung Fu Panda.

I think they need a new category for movies to win in.  Wall-E deserves one for, “Animated Movie that most makes you think about the future of our planet if we don’t fix our wasteful, environment destroying ways.”  They could label it “Most Politically Correct Movie” for short.  Then they could give the award for Best Animated Movie to Kung Fu Panda, which actually deserved it.  Or maybe it would go to Bolt, I haven’t actually seen that one yet, it may be even more entertaining than Panda is.

Note for full disclosure:  I don’t believe in man made global warming, but I do believe we will cover this planet with garbage if we don’t find some way to control our excessive more-more-MORE mentality and figure out a way to control and dispose of all of our waste that is better than tossing it all in landfills.  I still advocate the, “stick all the trash on the tip of a cheap rocket and launch it at the sun” plan.

What have I gotten myself into?

After several years of harassment by my wife and my mom, I finally gave in and enrolled in a Master’s Degree course in Information Technology.  I have a BS in Electrical Engineering, so I figured it would be a pretty straightforward path to take, since I have absolutely zero interest in a Master’s in Engineering.

My first class starts today.  It’s all online through a program with the Florida Institute of Technology.  Everything I have found shows they are quite legit.

I signed in to the website this morning and started perusing the syllabus.  Oh man.

Weekly papers, 2-3 pages in length.  Right now they are all labeled the same, “Write about information technology in work and life.”  I am hoping they get narrowed down a little bit as the course goes along.

I think the course is 7 or 8 weeks long.  That’s a lot of writing.  I hate writing.  I don’t know what I thought this program was going to be like, but I can tell ya right now, it’s gonna suck.

Pray for me.  I’m gonna need it.

It’s not a new beginning…

I was talking to my mom on the phone last night and she asked me about my daughter sleeping all night that I posted about a few days ago.

Turns out it was just a one night affair that time unfortunately.  She has woken up around midnight every night since then.  But she is laying down in her bed and talking herself to sleep on her own now, which is a huge improvement over the first roughly 18 months of her life that we had to rock her to sleep.

Baby steps.  Baby steps.  She will get there eventually.

Really? Mice?

How horrid is this, I work for a multi-billion dollar aerospace company, and we have mice in our building.  I left three mini Reese’s Peanut Butter cups in my desk drawer last night and I opened the drawer this morning to find a bunch of little teeth marks all over them.

I can’t believe that this place can’t afford the expense of pest control, especially given the fact that we have several vending machines full of candy that these rodents could get into around here.

I am tempted to bring in a mouse trap and work on the problem myself, but I really dont want to risk crushing the things skull and having mouse brains all over the inside of my desk.

Is it a new beginning?

Happy New Year and all that!

I’m a more happy person today because my 18 month old daughter actually slept all night last night.  It’s only happened a handful of times and it has been a very pleasant surprise every time.  Maybe its a sign of good things to come.  It was around this age that my son started sleeping all night so I am really hoping she does the same thing.

That’s my son…

So I got a funny story for ya here.

Tuesday night my son had his first Christmas Program at his preschool. He’s 3 so naturally he didn’t sing any of the songs but he did a great job standing up there with all the other kids and he did a lot of the hand motions that went along with the songs.

He really did a great job and I was one proud daddy.

The funny story though…

Requires a little background to get the humor.

When I was little, maybe a year or two older than he is, I was in my first Christmas play. I was an angel and as far as I know, just had to stand around, no lines or anything. We were in Germany at the time and my grandparents flew all the way there from here in the states to see me in my first play.

And of course, according to the story I have heard many many times over the years, I, being a bored 4 or 5 year old, spent almost the entire play on stage, with my finger up my nose. (I think I was trying to scratch my brain or something if the stories that are told are accurate.)

So for years my mom has told that story on me. I think my wife knew that story before we even got engaged, she may have known it before we started dating, I’m not sure.

So last night, Tay has his first show. My mom flew down from the DC area to see it. Pretty much, as soon as he got up on the stage and they got all the kids settled down, he proved that he is my son.

Yup, you guessed it, finger right up the nose.

Luckily, he just did it for a second and then stopped. But it was enough to get a big laugh out of my whole family.

There is no doubting it, he is my son.

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