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Only In Kentucky

Just read this on ESPN and I laughed so I had to post if for other to see.

Cats Lose, State Emergency Ensues (Almost Literally)
Only in Kentucky does this happen:

The struggling Wildcats (38) are beaten on a 3-pointer with 10 seconds left by LSU’s Tasmin Mitchell on Saturday afternoon in Rupp Arena. Shortly thereafter, Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson (39) issues a Twitter blast on the subject:

“Maybe AJ Stewart should consider quitting again if he is going to leave his man wide open for a game winning shot.”

Stewart, a junior forward, was indeed the man guarding Mitchell on the fateful play. And Stewart did indeed briefly quit the Kentucky team last week, only to reconsider and return in short order.

In reality, though, Stewart was doing his job on the play, switching on a screen at the top of the key. It was teammate Kevin Galloway who bungled the defensive assignment by failing to switch off his man (Marcus Thornton) and onto Mitchell.

So Grayson should have hammered Galloway if the state cabinet member felt the need to rip a college kid for contributing to the demise of his favorite team. Grayson updated the following day:

“Perhaps I was too hard on Stewart because maybe Galloway was supposed to switch but I just got some Heaton’s BBQ and will soon feel better.”

After the original Twitter post was picked up by Lexington Herald-Leader columnist John Clay, Grayson was hardly contrite.

“Welcome to readers of John Clay’s blog. Like you, I am a passionate UK fan. And I make no apologies for it. Go Cats!”

So it’s clear that Kentucky players are not under any, you know, pressure or anything. It’s not like a man considered a possible successor to U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning is expressing digital disdain over every missed defensive switch — just the end of game missed switches.

Clearly, the Cats could use some TLC from Ashley Judd (40).



There’s A Light On The Horizon

And that lights name is Tyreke Evans. Tyreke is a shooting guard from Philadelphia. More important that just that, he is a very good shooting guard from Philadelphia.

He won MVP honors at last month’s McDonald’s All-American game.

Thursday, one day after Derrick Rose announced his entry into the draft, Evans committed to come to Memphis.


With Evans status as the top recruited player coming out of high school this year I think we may have a chance to not end up in the dark ages of Memphis basketball, like I was fearing.

Lots of good things being said about him out there so let’s keep our hopes up that he can fill the shoes he is stepping into.

Go Tigers!!!

Respect Us Yet?

Once again Memphis has shown that they deserve more respect than they recieve. I didn’t manage to watch any Sportcenter this week before todays game, but I did catch some of the pregame show. And both of the talking heads picked UCLA to win this game. What does is take for Memphis to get the respect they deserve. When they took the #1 spot in the polls, they didn’t get that respect. When they got a #1 seed for the tourney, they didn’t get that respect.

Now they have finished off another big win, getting their revenge for the Elite 8 loss 2 years ago. Lets hope that someone will offer them the respect they have earned after finally making it back to the championship game.



Well, I guess we don’t get to prove ourselves against UNC but the way Kansas manhandled them maybe that’s a good thing. I really thing we win it all now.


NCAA Tourney Friday March 28

Good grief, how boring of a night of college basketball was this?  As of right now, the four games tonight have all been huge blowouts.  Memphis is beating the snot out of Michigan State by 22, it was 30 at half time.  The other three games have all been 20 point deficits.  The surprise win of Davidson over Wisconsin was the only excitement of the night.

This is the only time of the year that I watch basketball at all.  These guys could have at least made it exciting for me.

Well, at least my boys are showing they really can play with the big boys and live up to their ranking.


Well Deserving of a #1 Seed

Here, one more time, is a shout out to my alma mater. This morning Memphis beat the snot out of Tulsa to finish out the C-USA tournament and claim their third C-USA Championship in a row. Final score was 77-51, Tulsa didn’t have a chance.

The Memphis team has played their hearts out this year and no one should be arguing that they don’t deserve a #1 spot. My personal opinion, they deserve #1 overall, but that will probably go to UNC, especially after the nail biting end to the Virginia Tech game today, and assuming they finish out their conference tourney with a win.

Hopefully, we will be across the bracket from them and can meet up in the final game of the tournament to show everyone that, just because we come from C-USA, doesn’t mean you should write us off as weak.


Go Memphis!

Go Tigers!I’m not much of a college basketball fan but I will take the time out of my day to recognize the accomplishment of my Alma Mater.
Memphis locked up the Conference USA title Sunday night with a big win over Southern Mississippi. Apparently Derek Rose had a big game according to the sports sites I read. Don’t know who he is but I’m glad he came up big.

Go Tigers Go!

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